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moving from nyc to hixson


nychsstudent July 31, 2012

i am moving from newyork city to middle valley and i need to be in rolled into hixson hig school for my sophmore year. how do my family and i go about doing this? when does school start? are there any dress codes? do you pay for lunc becasue in the city its free? will i be affected for attending school late in the year? will i be affected it i dint take the required english exam for nineth graders...i took living enviornment and intergrated algebra only

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MagnetMom August 1, 2012

Hi nychsstudent,

You'll want to talk directly to the school for enrollment and registration questions.

When you arrive at the registration appointment, you'll need your birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of residence. In addition if you can bring your school record with you, that will be very helpful for choosing your classes.

Good luck.

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