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I cannot take the classes required for college!


kid123 August 3, 2012

My college requires at least three years of foreign language and I've only taken two since my sophomore year since my English teacher from eighth grade said I couldn't take it freshman year and now for my senior year I am not in French because of "schedule conflicts" and she said I couldn't take Spanish 1 because they moved it to the freshman and sophomore only classes. She won't change it no matter what.

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MagnetMom August 3, 2012

Hi kid123,

First of all make sure to clarify that your college of choice requires three years of the same language--not simply three years of foreign language.

Ask to speak to your counselor again, armed with this knowledge. And ask the college counselor at your HS to join as well. This might be the case of a meeting you need your folks at as well.

If you can not get help at your school, try to reach your school board member or the district offices.

Good luck.


TeacherParent August 7, 2012

Your high school should have already appointed you a counselor - a guidance counselor and/or a college counselor. You need an advocate within your high school and you need someone within your high school to sit down with you and help you 'work the system' and work this out.

Who is "she" who won't 'change it no matter what'? Have your parents spoken to this person? Has your college counselor or guidance counselor spoken to this person?


oniaguer August 13, 2012

Does your school district offer virtual classes or dual enrollment at a nearby college? If you cannot take the class at your school then try these two alternatives. I know students who have done this because their schedule could not be changed. Make sure your parents go with you to resolve this. Don't settle for a no. The school should work with you to fix this.

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