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aziz097 August 21, 2012

Hey,How are you doing? I am a student at grade 10 this year in the Middle East and maybe next year i am coming to USA to live and complete my study their if I come what is you'r requirements from and also one more important thing that I am not very good at English ? Please Help me and Thank you

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MagnetMom August 22, 2012

Hi aziz097,

The United States do have schools that allow students to come from abroad. Typically these are private schools. If you have relatives already here, you could come live with them and attend public school, or if your family comes with you, you can register for public schools.

What you'll need to do is first determine where you think you want to study. Then make contact with those schools in that area that interest you. Private schools that accept foreign students will also help you with the documentation that you will need to get into the country and attend school here.

Good luck.


SazzDazz August 22, 2012

In the US, we have an ESL (English as a Second Language) program that allows you to take English even though you speak another language better than English.

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