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All students have to have a 2.0 gpa in order to attend a H.S. Dance


codmister August 22, 2012

How do I and other parents try to change a dance rule at a high school? Every student must have a 2.0 gpa to attend there Homecoming, Snowcoming and Prom. This includes the students that have an IEP.

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MagnetMom August 23, 2012

Hi codmister,

I'd bring this up at the school site council meeting (or whatever they call the governance council). They can tell you whether this is a school policy, district policy or state policy.

Ideally, the point of an IEP is for a student to succeed, and dances and other extra curriculars are rewards, not required. If the child's IEP is not working, the IEP should be changed, not the standard of a student succeeding.

But if you have concerns that the policy is being applied unfairly, definitely contact the school site council and ask how to proceed.


bewildered August 23, 2012

I too have a child with an IEP. IEP's aren't an excuse not to do the work others have to do. They are put in place to help him/her learn. Our goals for our child are to help him succeed in school, life etc. If you feel your child needs socialization without restrictions, seek that outside the education system.

Our child seemed to struggle with the educational reward system too until we stopped trying to interfere in the school's policy and started working with them to help our child achieve the goals needed to receive the academic rewards put in place. Working with his teachers on almost a daily basis helped him to achievei this. His self esteem grew and he became the life of the party so to speak.

Personally I would spend my time trying to find a way for my child to succeed in his/her education. The rest will kind of fall into place all by itself.

By the way, I'm not judging or condemning. Just thought maybe a little difference in perspective might help, one frustrated parent to another.


DACIAJ September 2, 2012

I don't see the problem with that expectation my son has a IEP no less than 80 % or B is required to pass to the next grade I was aware of the policy when I enrolled my child.


ckatribe September 2, 2012

If your child is not making satisfactory progress with an IEP in place, then one of two things is happening. One: The IEP needs to be evaluated and written so the student can be successful. Or two: The student is not working to his/her capability under the IEP in place.


Sonny01 September 5, 2012

There is a section in IEP "Modifications in Extracurricular & Nonacademic Activities" where you, as part of your child's IEP team, can add that GPA will not determine attendance at events. If a child struggles with academics, then academics would never be the determining factor for extra-curricular events. How disheartening for these children who might never have the opportunity to participate. Grades are subjective, based on teacher's evaluations, classroom practices, etc. What is important is that your child is experiencing success, meeting IEP goals, feeling part of his/her peer group (attending these events), and becoming prepared for life outside school in college or a career. Attendance at these events, for a student with an IEP, should not be based on a 2.0 GPA. First ask your case manager to add this as an addendum. If he/she says they cannot, then request an IEP meeting. If the school district disagrees and not willing to add this to IEP, I would go to mediation (procedure is in the PRISE booklet the school must give to you). Research on internet the importance of socialization/social skills for students like your child to support your case.


codmister September 10, 2012

Thank you for letting me know about this. I will check into this. I want nothing more then my child to succeed and to be happy! But, when he/she tries there hardest and there hardest isn't good enough. Then they tend to shut down. They end up feeling worthless and depressed. They could be a great student but that is over looked because of there gpa. I agree, they need to learn social skills too. Thanks again.

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