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I want to join Queens Academy High School.


karmanorbu September 3, 2012

I'm immigrant from India and I want to repeat my one year High School from Queens Academy High School, But I'm 21 years old. So can I complete my wish to join Queens Academy High School? I'm very wishing for the good news. Thank You

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MagnetMom September 4, 2012

Hi karmanorbu,

At 21, you'd be the age of many college graduates, not high school. If you haven't completed high school yet, you'd likely find a continuation high school able to help you complete your requirements, but not a regular high school.

However, you can call them and ask, but it's not very likely. Few parents of 13 or 14 year old kids would feel comfortable with a 21 year old adult in the halls.


karmanorbu September 4, 2012

Hi MAgnetmom,
Thank you for your words. I know my age is of college graduates. Actually I am high school graduated from India and also I went Delhi University for one and half year and before completing it, I got Immigrant VISA and came here in U.S. Now I thought I can start from High school so that I can understand the education system here in U.S and also later while applying for Universities it would be much easier for me to get in. So do you any suggestion??


MagnetMom September 5, 2012

If you have attended college in India, you won't be able to attend high school. What you can do, is attend community college for a year or two, and wrack up class units in some of the general education courses, and then you can apply to universities as a transfer student.

Good luck.


karmanorbu September 6, 2012

Thank u for the information I'm going to take GED and then SAT/ACT and then i can apply for the universities rather than taking community college. What you say?

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