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AP/Dual Enrollment Courses while attending IB Program


flower2016 September 15, 2012

IB Program has it's own curriculum from 9 to 12 grades. I was wondering is it possible to take AP Courses/dual enrollment courses while attending IB Program ?

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MagnetMom September 16, 2012

You'll likely want to talk to the school directly. IB is a system of courses that award a degree at the end of high school whereas AP courses award college credit when a test is passed at the end of the year. Schools that offer dual enrollment either offer college courses on their campus or the student attends on the college campus and gets both high school and college credit.

Each program has its benefits, and certain colleges favor some programs over others.

To find out how your school operates, definitely ask.


flower2016 September 18, 2012

Thank you MagnetMom.


dclaudew September 30, 2012

Yes. In my Atlanta area, IB students do take some AP courses. It is not unusual for the IB Coordinator and the AP Coordinator to be dual hatted. Provided there is time in a student's schedule, which is probably unlikely, students with great time-management skills might be able to attend nearby colleges (dual enrollment).

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