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Moving to Atlanta


robertlee60 September 21, 2012

Hello everyone. I am moving to Atlanta with my family and I was wondering what highschools are good to attend for my son (16 about to be 17 yrs old). He's a smart student so it be nice for him to be able to attend a high school with good academic standards. Thank you.

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lauras September 21, 2012

First, you have to decide what area of Atlanta you are moving to. It is a big city! With a big city and suburbs, there are lots of choices. Take a look at the public schools before you pay $20,000 /yr just to enter private school. Our son attends North Atlanta High School and loves it. Every parent is going to tell you they love their school (they wouldn't have their kid there if they didn't) . Go visit PTA mtgs, take school tours, and see where you feel comfortable. There is no need for a huge commute to your work either!

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