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Coral Reef and Robert Morgan HS


smithc September 27, 2012

Can anyone share their good/bad experiences with either Robert Morgan HS and/or Coral Reef HS? I'd like to know as I'm considering these two as options for HS. Thanks in advance!!

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MagnetMom September 28, 2012

Hi smithc,

You can find parent reviews here:

Type in your zip code, and you can find the schools in which you're interested, then compare their ratings and read the parent reviews.

Good luck!


smithc September 28, 2012

Thank you MagnetMom,
I've been here already (this area of site to read reviews) and not really helpful as these reviews are 1yr + old...
I've sent an email to Great Schools admin suggesting maybe they need to send an email blasts out to encourage parents to add some RECENT reviews if any....grant it schools change, staff changes, principals, policies etc. Thanks anyway! :)

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