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GPA Calculation in High School


flower2016 October 1, 2012

How GPA is calculated in High School?
Our Grade Scale is as follows
A 93-100; B 85-92, so on...
For example one student gets 93 A and another student gets 99 A. On 4.0 scale these both students get the same GPA? GPA is calculated by subject or all the subjects together? Is it calculated by quarter(6 or 9 week period) or semester?


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MagnetMom October 1, 2012

These are all great questions to bring up with your counselor. As a freshman, this is all new to you, and it's great that you want to be informed.

My daughter's school gives 5-week progress reports three times before the semester grades roll in at week 20. It's that 20-week report card that counts for recorded grades and counts for units earned. Some electives record a grade at 10 weeks. But the best place to ask is your counselor's office.

Good luck!

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