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mrsLondonjx October 16, 2012

I recently enrolled my students in K12 and Onsite.I was told to call their previous middle school for IEP records that I never received.(The reason I did not recieve them was because the school waited till the last week to give my son an IEP- their excuse was they did not see the request for IEP form in his file when I initially enrolled my child.)So today I call this school and the secretary yells at me refusing to release records-(according to CAVA this is against the California Law.)She tells me to have our current school- CAVA call her.
#2 I called CAVA back and they decided to do a three way call, figuring this would stop the confusion.So the CAVA administrator calls (while I'm holding on the other line and request the records (they have a copy of records release-signed by me and and are ready to fax it.)Now the admission secretary gets on the phone yells at the CAVA administrator for straight 20 mins.They still refuse to release records.
#3 Then she request for me to get on the line, He taps over for me now were on the 3 way.First she complains about CAVA calling, then yells at me accusing me of being a negligent parent for not having records, because she "knows the school counselor gave them to me,because he gives them to everybody" (I never received them.)
She states that she is going to talk to the counselor because he is right in front of her. I ask to speak to him instead (because I have had enough of her abuse.)Meanwhile this is still a 3 way call so CAVA is hearing all of this.He gets on the line and apologizes saying he can not find the IEP record but he has to go because he has a meeting and he will call tomorrow.

I called the school district and complained to the HR department.

I'm am so frustrated, is there anything I can do?What if they have lost the IEP meeting record.IEP has a request for assessment not that my son was even in special ed class, which should have happen.Instead they stuck him in regular ed and he flunked almost every class because he could not catch up.Then they say he "passed 8th grade."
My son has a lot of catching up to do and instead he continues to suffer really its mid October.

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Marie-Anne October 31, 2012

The next time you have a question about your rights as a parent of a special education student try talking to the IDEA Parent Training & Information Center (PTI) in your state. They have staff who know everything theres is about special education law and regulations, and whats more, they know the ropes.
To find the PTI closest to you got to:


TeacherParent October 22, 2012

The secretary is wrong - by federal law you are entitled to see on request your son's records and to have a copy of those records. Have you spoken to the principal of your son's former school? Put a direct request for your son's records to him in writing. Your son's former school district should also have a Director of Special Education - put the same request to him in writing. Tell both the Principal and Director Special Education that in accordance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act you are requesting a copy of your son's school records.

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