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movving to Austin in 12th grade


GUMNUJ November 10, 2012

We are movivng to Austin and my son will attend 12th grade. We are coming from California. My son attends a five star high school. which school will the right for him. I am not happy to move at this time but we have to, any suggession will be highly appreiated.

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Undisclosed November 11, 2012

We are reluctantly moving out next year for a couple years, so I'm in the same boat. The bad news is that there is not a top high school in the parts of Austin that a high school senior would think of as the cool part--music, clubs, trailers, etc. LASA, Westwood, Anderson and Westlake are the best, but you could go really wrong with any of them except Anderson, depending upon your kid. LASA is the AISD HS magnate, and the brainy kids who can drag themselves way out there early every morning attend one of the few nationally ranked schools in the state -- five to Stanford last year? I think the application is available and is due feb 1. The other good aisd school is Anderson. It is a neighborhood school and may be closed to transfers so you would have to live up there--check aisd transfer section. Anderson is akin to a good suburban school. It has an IB program --the only one in the area. It is in a very nice, but uncool part of town. Macallum is the aisd arts magnate. Westwood in the Round Rock district is excellent, but is not part of Austin. I think it gets lots of IT- family kids. Westlake is not in Austin either --it is in the Eanes district,and people who live out there say they live in Eanes even if there address is is Austin (well, newcomers say they live in Austin, but that is because they don't know better). It's huge and used to be hands down considered the best, but Westwood may rival it now. many people comment about too many rich kids in Eanes, but it is so big that it defies common sense to think all the kids are really rich. Its pretty out there. I don't know about lake Travis, but I think they get a lot of the California newcomers. If you kid starts with these and the ones the other person mentioned (I don't know them at all), digging around on line he/she will probably quickly find out what makes the most sense socially and academically. good luck.


breit73 November 11, 2012

The best high schools in Austin are: Lasa, Westlake High, Lake Travis High, Westwood High, Bowie High, Vandegrift High, McNeil High, & Anderson High is pretty decent.

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