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road map to integrated algebra


privatenyc530 November 14, 2012

My daughter is in 4th grade and i was wondering if anyone help me do a roadmap to integrated algebra,here if you are good with integrated algebra to begin with you can get into AP courses, i was wondering what are the stepping stones to be good with integrated algebra for eg fractions in 4th grade should be strong what are the other areas.

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MagnetMom November 26, 2012

Hi privatenyc530,

While this video is done in a comical way, it is on point in several ways:

While I'm not in NYC, so I'm not familiar with their specific course requirements, math placement in middle school is crucial for high school placement. Here, children have two chances at Algebra in 7th grade, which leads to Geometry in 8th grade. This puts them on the path to potentially get through Calc BC in high school. Students who stay on the 6th grade math, 7th grade pre-algebra, and 8th grade algebra are already a year behind when they get to high school.

Talk to your daughter's teacher and see how she's doing and continue to insist she get highest math placement. And when you get to touring middle schools--find out how they place the math kids. It will make all the difference in the world.

Good luck.


PTAmomof4 November 25, 2012

I can't answer your specific question, and the requirements are constantly changing (as well as the availably of classes depending on the staff) so start by asking your child's teacher, then contact a middle school and high school guidance counselor to find out specifics on standardized testing and requirements. It is important to stay in the information loop as much as possible and it only gets harde as they get older.

My ninth grader is taking trig, chemistry, and all honors and AP classes. (All A's this quarter!). The best support I ever gave her was encouragement of friendships with friends with the same drive for academic success. Believe it or not driving them to the mall or social event was more effective than any lecture! As teenagers their friends rank number one in their lives and there will be peer pressure. But with the right peers it can be wonderful encouragement!

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