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Moving from Australia to Los Angeles


delyse November 17, 2012

Hello we are moving from Australia to USA, I will working in LAX and Los Angeles downtown. I am thinking of either living in Arcadia or Westlake/Thousand Oaks area. I am a single mother with a son in grade 9 he is academic and and a daughter in grade 6 she is a sports star. Any advice on schools would be greatly appreciated.

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wellstweet May 5, 2013

I second this previous poster's suggestions. You will have a horrid commute to work. If you are going to work near LAX and Downtown..I suggest looking into the South Bay. All the beach cities (Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach) are very good academically speaking and great beach communities. Your commute may be about 45 minutes. Torrance is another middle class community and you may be able to commute about 30 minutes. Excellent school district as well with lots of sports activities.

Good Luck!


MagnetMom November 17, 2012

Hi delyse,

Both are great places to live, but you are looking at monstrous, over one hour commutes. As a single mom, your kids will be left to fend for themselves quite a bit of the time.

The schools in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks belong to the Conejo Valley Unified School District and are widely regarded throughout the state.

I would recommend you talk to a few real estate professionals before you move so you can fully understand the commute you're going to subject yourself to.

In the San Fernando Valley, Granada Hills High School and Nobel Middle School are definitely top notch schools and at least 30 minutes closer. I'm sure there are some things even closer over the hill into Los Angeles proper.

Good luck.

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