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Moving to Orlando, Fl need to find a Good High School for my Softmore Boy.


cfilipe2004 November 21, 2012

Hi There, can anyone possibly help me out in finding a High School for my son? He is quite sad because we are going, but need to spark him up. He loves Wrestling and Football and is pretty good at it also.

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MagnetMom November 23, 2012

Hi cfillipe2004, and welcome to the GreatSchools parent community.

My heart goes out to your son. It's really tough for most kids to move--especially in high school. My suggestion will be

Typically public schools are zoned by your address. Depending on whether you've already chosen your home or not, Certain districts allow for open enrollment or magnet schools, but you usually have to live in the district before you apply.

Since wrestling and football are pretty common at most high schools, why not let your son look up the schools and help choose one (assuming you're still trying to choose an area). If you know where you're going to live, have him contact the wrestling and football coaches before he arrives and ask to make contact with some of the kids on the teams.

Good luck.

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