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Moving to CA


tljpkk09 January 4, 2013

I'm in the process of moving back to southern CA. Not sure what area yet.We have family in Huntington Beach but trying to find a good, affordable safe place is extremly difficult. My kids will be a senior and a sophomore. Any suggestions for schools, places to live will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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MagnetMom January 6, 2013

Hi tljpkk09,

Welcome back to Southern California. As you know, it's a very large area, with pretty obnoxious traffic patterns. You'll want to narrow down your search.

There are great schools all over SoCal, but only you can define 'affordable.' Schools in the Conejo Valley Unified always come up, as do schools in the San Gabriel Valley and even the San Fernando Valley. Then in Orange County you have a variety of choices in small school districts, that unfortunately I'm less familiar with.

Talk to your employer and see who they can match you up with to talk. Someone with kids your age, so you can get an idea of commute times and rental costs. Seek out a real estate professional as well. They're well acquainted with the amenities in their area--and they don't just sell houses--they can help with rentals too.

Good luck.

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