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We have 3 months to find best private and public high schools in Denver


exhausteddad January 31, 2013

PLEASE HELP! Our family will be split up if I can't find the right mix of schools in Denver area.I need to know the top 5-r more highschools in terms of best education AND the best NON audition THEATRE high schools in Denver area ( including Jeffco schools and cherry creek district) Allready auditioned at DSA and theatre was too impacted. They only accepted a few kids...Also, this theatrically gifted 9th grader needs private school for morning classes. Can't attend schools with kids on autistic spectrum and DA is WAY too low functioning. Need a small private academy with HIGH standards and specialized teaching for high cognitive mainstream kid. Needs to have lower homework load. Even would consider specialized 1:1 teacher student set up. Any ideas???

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MagnetMom February 1, 2013

Hi exhausteddad, and welcome to the GreatSchools Parent Community.

Your question is so specific, make sure you post it in the Denver Community here:

Good luck!

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