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Any Amazing Downtown Austin High Schools?


badintexas April 8, 2013

We live in Texas in the country.. 16 acres, no neighbors however, we're looking to move to the Austin area. My husband wants to live in a safe area DOWNTOWN where everything is walkable and we have middle school and high school kids which we would in great schools. Any suggestions on good downtown neighborhoods as well as excellent downtown high schools? Charter, Magnet, Public, etc. We don't have the money for private schools. Thanks!

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MagnetMom April 9, 2013

Hi badintexas and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

You can start your search right here:

Type in the zip code and look through the results. You can compare school ratings and read the parent reviews. It will help you narrow down your search,

Make sure you tour the schools and even sit in on PTA meetings as the time gets closer.

Good luck!


rwaaslance April 14, 2013

If you want to live in the downtown area of Austin, your high schoolers will go to Austin High. They could probably ride a bike or take a bus, depending on where you decide to live. I don't know about the ratings on the school... my elementary aged boy has gone there for summer tennis camp and it seems like they have a large campus and lots of extracurricular activities to do. I don't know about charter or magnet high schools.

For middle school there's no option that is walkable in the downtown area. Depending on where you live (I think the district line separates at N. Lamar), your middle schooler will have to be driven (or ride a bus) to O. Henry Middle School (public). Other options that are close to downtown are Kealing Middle School (magnet or Charter), and Ann Richards School for Girls (magnet or charter).

We just moved from Austin... so I never got started on really investigating the middle schools. Hope this helps : )

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