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conklap April 28, 2013

We have a son who suffers from anxiety and depression. He did well in Catholic School but ended up in the hospital most of last semester. They said public school would be better at helping him catch up, either with an in home tutor or off campus school So far, even with an IEP, unless he goes into their school we cannot get any support. Now he will have lost an entire year. Does anyone know of any good accredited alternatives we can do to try to get him caught up. He will probably attend another private school in September where no one knows him so he is not self conscious. But I would like to do something now. Any suggestions?

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Skylarjewel May 5, 2013

If you can't find a better school, I would push for a better IEP or Special Education. I would also check with your state department of education. In CT an Emotional Disturbance (specific criteria) qualifies a student for Special Education which is paid for by the school district. Check your state law, connect with an advocacy center. Your son has a disability and a public school must see that he gets an appropriate education. We have been on this road for a year with our son and finally hired an attorney. We requested an independent evaluation and are waiting for the outcome. It is a long and hard process. Good luck. Best to you and your family.


scoobydoodle May 5, 2013

Dear Conklap,
I don't know where you live or what school district you're with. With the Los Angeles Unified School District they have Carlson Home Hospital School. Teachers go to your house to work 1:1 with your child. Also we have a teleteaching program through the Los Angeles Unified School District. Students receive a set of text books. Get a fax machine and are on the phone with a teacher for a certain length of time (you can call Wendy Stalzer or Tony Afshar at Miller CTC to learn more about this awesome program).

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