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BMomof4 November 20, 2013

I am very worried, my son was in a psychiatric hospital due to self harm, then got in trouble at school due to misuse of school equipment. I was suggested to take him out of school and send him to another one. Well, my son doesn't want to go to any school unless I enroll him back in his old school, but I think it is not safe for him. There has been too much "drama" around us and between his refusal to be enrolled in schools that we chose for him, it is now a month and a week. I decided to homeschool him but, he needs to earn his credits. Now, It has been hard to enroll him to other online schools because the semester is very advanced and can't catch up. Now add if we, as parents will be affected for all of this. Do you think that we will have to pay a fine or something even when he is the one who is dragging us to this point? What can I do to act smart and soon? He needs the school and now doors are closing. Help please =) Thanks!

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TeacherParent November 25, 2013

If your son was in public school, the public school cannot tell you to 'send him to another school'. If your son was in parochial school or private school, they can force him out.

Online schools are usually very flexible - you should be able to enroll in some of them at any time. There are 'work at your own pace' online schools.

As to a fine, I don't know. If your state fines parents who don't have their children enrolled in school, then yes you'll have to pay it whether or not it is your son's fault that he's not enrolled.

Call Upattinas School - it's in Pennsylvania but has an online program. Call your State Office to get names of 'Cyber Charter' schools. Punch in 'Work at your own Pace' online schools into google and see what comes up.

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