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moving with my 16 year old


user5369902 November 26, 2013

I need guidance on how to go about my daughter's education when we move to NYC in the coming academic year as we are moving her in class 12TH from CBSE curriculum in India. Can anyone help me to find out if that can be a problem. Also, since she will be joining college after that....will she need to appear for any qualifying tests?

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TeacherParent November 27, 2013

There are two tests here - the SATs or the ACTs - that students take for entry into college. Some colleges do not require those tests but most do.

Will she have graduated from secondary school in India before coming to the States? If so, she could apply to college with her transcript from India and her scores on the SATs or ACTs.

New York City has public schools, charter schools and private schools. If your daughter will not have graduated from secondary school yet, or even if she has, entering 12th grade here might be a reasonable idea. One way to approach this and to get some advice would be to contact a private school in New York City - as if you were considering enrolling her in that school. Try Brooklyn Friends School - it's a private school. They have a website - write to the Admissions Director as if you're seriously interested in having her do a 12th grade year there. Most private schools will want her to do 11th and 12th grade. Most private schools don't like to have a student for just 1 year.

Not every public school (government school) in NYC is a good one. There has got to be an Indian community in NYC that can give you advice. I'm sure you're not the only family to move to NYC from India with a teenager who needs to be enrolled in school.

U.S. private schools are very used to having new students from abroad. Any private school in NYC will have already had applications from overseas students. Even if you would not enroll her in private school, you could glean insight and good advice from their admission counselors.

For a full list of NYC's private schools, go to google. I know the Dalton School - it is a very prestigious private school in NYC and I know Brooklyn Friends but there are several more.

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