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I don't want my child going to the high school that we are zoned for


user5480348 March 12, 2014

I need assistance! I am totally new to the hardship program for fulton county in Georgia. The high school that my daughter is zoned for is not rated all. I was told she could submit a hardship letter on the criteria that we find another school that offers sports or academic classes/services that she can't get at the current high school. How am I supposed to know which high school offers what services??? She is my oldest child, so I have no idea what each high school offers and how it varies from eachother. I contacted her middle school and they are no help. They pretty much told me that all the high schools pretty much offer the same academically.
My daughter also has an IEP, well...I have no idea what the high schools offer that might be better than the one she is going to. What am I supposed to do? There is no where to research which school does what.
What can I use for a hardship reason to get her out of that high school?
Any suggestions are very very much appreciated!
Sincerely, Frustated Mom! :(

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MagnetMom March 12, 2014


I'm not in GA but we have similar problems here in Los Angeles. In order to get out of the school district here, we need to prove a program exists in the district we want to transfer to.

The first place to look is at the neighboring schools' websites. They likely list the sports, and will boast about programs. Perhaps one has a cooking program or an equestrian program that makes it stand out. Call the schools directly and ask them for a tour and what programs are available. Let them know your daughter has an IEP and see what options they have.

Good luck!

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