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Can you recommend a school in the Kalamazoo area, not necessarily within the city limits?


Anonymous October 2, 2008

We are looking at moving to the Kalamazoo area. I have heard their are some good schools in outlying communities around Kalamazoo. What schools have a good selection of classes, teachers that care, good sports (particularily, girls basketball), decent funding, and a safe environment? Please be specific about your recommendations. My child is currently in 10th grade in a variety of honors classes. Thanks for your help.

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sbozarth23 October 3, 2008

Hi anon,

This is a nation wide forum, so the chances of a local question being answered if you do not post it in the right area are slim. Try re posting this question in your Local Q & A section, that way people who live in the Kalamazoo area will see it. GreatSchools also has a Research & Compare area that will help you find awesome schools near your new community.


jim6robin October 9, 2008

Part of the right answer for you would depend on what you are looking for on in the kids education system. We live in Comstock which on the very outskirts of Kalamazoo. Before we choice a place to live when we moved here from PA, I looked up all of the school districts with an hour from the Kalamazoo area. I then set up phone interviews with all the school districts that I was interested in and asked each of the schools the same questions. With this information in hand I then narrowed it down to the couple that I was interested in and set up a person to person interview with the community services I needed for my children who needed extra community help and with the head of the school.
Kalamazoo has KRESA, they are involved in all of the school districts in the Kalamazoo area and you can find them on line.
Comstock has its down falls, but all of the schools do, but they do have a new superintendent who really does care about the children and we truely do have teacher who really do want to help the students succeed.


nurse_suzie November 3, 2008

I currently live in Kalamazoo area and have young children that will be soon attending school. My husband and I plan on relocating to either Plainwell, Vicksburg, or Schoolcraft within the next couple years because these schools are well respected in the area for academics and sports and are smaller schools. If you want your child at a large school with lots of resources that rates well then Mattawan or Paw Paw is the way to go.


Motherof4girls January 17, 2009

I am sorry I can't recommened a high school I only know of one school but they only go up to eighth grade. My oldest daughter will be attending high school soon and I am concerned about finding a good high school because I can not afford a christian high school.

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