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Do you think students should have to pass a high school exit exam in order to graduate?


lisaedit October 6, 2008

Twenty-six states have a high school exit exam or have plans to put one in place. Do you think these tests are a good thing? What about for special needs students? Should they be required to pass in order to get a diploma?

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peacemom71 October 7, 2008

I whole heartly feel that there has to be some type of exit exam to pass high school!! As far as special needs kids, there should be some type of standard met to pass/ graduate from high school. And I'm shocked that only 26 states have exit exams in do they know if the students can meet the standards to graduate without some testing???


Antwan October 10, 2008

I personally say no. I say no because everyone is different. Some people don't take tests well. If that child got straight A's all or most of the time during high school and failed the exit test, it isn't fair. I don't think that one test over four years should determine if a person gets a diploma or not, especially if they have been doing good all or most of those years.


debrasuefitzge October 20, 2008

i say no because some kids dont take tests well,i know my daughter is one of them who dont do test well.


MSMomm October 20, 2008

Absolutely yes, they should!

For students who have special needs, those needs should be accommodated during testing, as well.

This isn't just about statistics for schools across the U.S., but for students' individual needs. I've seen the multitude of posts regarding the FCAT (although I'm not in Florida, this test seems to be a hot button for Floridians).

Yes, there are many people out there who don't "test well," but life is full of tests, both written and oral. It doesn't help these students, who will eventually be out in the working world, to treat them with "kid gloves" and pass them through the school system, only to have them fail once they're out there.


donnalynn October 28, 2008

I am not sure about these exams, what all do they teach you??? Why should they have to take exams to graduate??? Does it make them a better person if they pass??? No, i don't think i like these test! I am not sure whats on these test! Why do they have to take them? The kidds need classs that teaches them about life, and what to expect when they graduate. They need to be taught the real life stuff.

Take Care and God Bless.


Debid723 October 28, 2008

I am for exit exams with a couple of provisions in place. The 1st being children with disabilities need to be expected to work within their abilities. Students without disabilities should be expected to score in reading comprehension at least 9th grade min, and math 7th grade min. Algebra, Geometry would be great but not all children will ever achieve a station in life where that is required, college not an option for all.Basic skills required for all. Also, something needs to be in place for those that do not pass. Some students need basic work skills taught in HS because that is the best they can hope to achieve. I a perfect world all kids go to college and grow up to pay back student loans. Some will at best hope to have a mortgage to pay and over the limit credit card. Making them pass a test beyond what they are capable of will lead to HS drop out. If they cannot pass a test at least at that level by 12th grade somewhere along the line the schools failed the student, parents failed the students and society in whole failed that student.


Debid723 October 28, 2008

I agree life skills are needed more than an exit exam, however there needs to be something in place to base if the kids have at least the min. reading and math skills. Like I wrote Algebra, not required. Basic math is. SAT 1600 score comprehension score not required, but a basic grasp of the English language required. More important for them to feed themselves and make a living if college isn't an option.


cozycoes October 28, 2008

No, I do not think that students need to pass any test to graduate. As long as they pass the required subjects and get the credits that are required then a test should not determine graduation.

If a test can determine graduation then I think that student should be able to test out of certain classes and move on, just study for the subjects they really need instead of being in high school for 4 years. This may not make sense but neither does the istep.



Briana1 October 30, 2008

High school exit exams aren't that hard to pass in New York. If you can't pass the Regents, there is always the RCT exam. The RCT exams are much easier than the Regents. Everyone should be able to pass. If you can't pass it, you will get an IEP diploma. After that you would have to go to VESID to help you get a job since most colleges do not accept students without a high school diploma.


maggie93215 October 30, 2008

My question is who is the one that makes the final decisions as to what kids have to pass in order to graduate. Kids are now smarter than the kids before them. When I graduated all we had to pass were proficiencies and some people found those difficult. Here in california the high schoolers do have to pass an Exit Exam.

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