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My daughter just got expelled,now what?


schoofever October 27, 2009

My daughter just got expelled. They told us about ALC,but I fear it might do more bad then it would good.I would rather her not go to Adult Ed. But she is 16.Is private school an option? Or should I just let her go to ALC?

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healthy11 October 27, 2009

Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and we aren't all familiar with what ALC is in your area....I'm guessing it's some kind of Alternative Learning Center? Is your daughter a sophomore or junior? Are the reasons for her expulsion an ongoing problem? (In other words, she's been warned/suspended in the past, and whatever happened this time wasn't the first time?)
It's difficult to advise you without a better understanding of the kind of trouble your daughter is having. Some Alternative Learning Center programs, at least where I live, have smaller teacher:student ratios, and professional counselors/therapists in the building to assist kids who are having trouble. I doubt a "regular" private school would accept your daughter without solid transcripts and a good explanation of what happened. On the other hand, there are "cyber schools" (online schools) that might be another option, providing she could be trusted and/or supervised to get the work done, and actually finish her schooling and earn a diploma.


TeacherParent October 27, 2009

I'm very sorry this has happened. Private school would only be an option if there is one in your area that will take students expelled from public school - and when there is such a school, it tends to be quite expensive. If money is no object, then there are certainly private boarding schools that do take children expelled from public schools but they cost even more.
I don't know what ALC means - if it is alternative school, sometimes they can be a pleasant surprise. You have the right to go and visit it to see what you think. Some alternative schools are very small and very welcoming and students who haven't thrived in their regular school can turn around and do well in an alternative setting.
Good luck with this and I hope it works out well for your daughter.


freshdressed January 2, 2010


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