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saving yourself for marriage?


Winetuscany October 18, 2008

What do your children think of this topic?

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maggie93215 January 9, 2009

My oldest is 10 and he says he dosen't like girls yet? But I do talk to my 19yr old sister in law who firmly believes in waiting. Her main reasoning is that she dosen't want to have kids because then she'll have to share and she is not ready to do that! She talks so openly about how she want to only concentrate on going to school and not worry about boys. She also says she thinks its gross how some girls/guys can sleep with people they don't or barely know.


tobbyandlui January 9, 2009

My daughter is 16 and she is not interested in boys yet, I am always giving her advises regarding to save herself until marriage. I told her how her dad and I lasted for 5 years in a relationship, saving ourselves until marriage. I told my daughter that is so exciting to have a relationship in which you can just be only girlfriend and boyfriend, not like having someone as a husband or wife instead, living together in a relationship without that illusion that one day you will get married one day and have saved for that moment.


tobbyandlui January 9, 2009

Andrew, I am happy for you to think that way, nothing is more beautiful than saving yourself until marriage and have a chance to have a beautiful relationship with that person you will marry some day and wait excited for that moment to come, that is what I call, a true love relationship.

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