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Gifts for mini multimedia moguls

Whether or not words like "nano" and "flip" are already part of your kids' vocabulary, you can boost their tech savvy (and talents) with one of these multimedia gifts. Instead of just letting them zone out to TV or tunes, encourage your children to get creative: Shoot video, make music, or give the amateurs on Flickr a run for their digital cameras with artsy family photos.

By GreatSchools Staff

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iPod nano

iPod nano

iPod nano
$149 (2,000 songs and eight hours of video)

If you've resisted the begging, wheedling, and pleading for a digital music system that allows your children to enter their own private rave, the new iPod nano gives you one good reason to rethink your reluctance. Now the nano isn't just another way to listen to tunes — its video camera and built-in microphone allows your kids to become an active chronicler of their lives. There's even a study skills tool for the child who may not have everything but forgets everything. The "note to self" Voice Memo feature allows kids (and adults) to keep track of appointments and homework assignments without an old-fashioned to-do list.

The bottom line: An all-in-one music-video gizmo that allows kids to produce and consume media.