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Top ten gifts for budding artists

Unleash your child's creative spirit with these inventive art tools for kids.

By Connie Matthiessen

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Crayon rocks

Crayon Rocks

Ages 3 and up

Yup, these crayons really do rock. Young children may find something magical about the vibrantly hued Crayon Rocks, which look like a collection of semiprecious stones. Their small, pebble-like shape makes them a cinch for small hands to grasp. (And a good small-motor excercise to strengthen muscles needed for writing.) Plus they are nontoxic and made of natural materials (soy wax and mineral colors) and come with a handy cloth pouch for easy storage and portability. The result? Hours of fun creating lushly colored masterpieces. Your fridge will thank you.

Bottom line: A "magic" bag of rocks sure to inspire pintsize artists.