Little school of Halloween horrors

Oh yes, school is getting more terrifying by the day. Seven reasons for modern parents to be afraid, very afraid.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Non-school daze

After all of those days with a capital D — for veterans, presidents, indigenous peoples, etc. — that nobody but students and government workers remotely enjoys, parents get to “observe” other childcare-disaster holidays: teacher workdays and parent-teacher conference week.

But now there are (cue chilling music) furlough days! How foolhardy you’ve been to think you could hold down a job. The family doesn’t really need a car — or home. Clothes? You can buy more once your current wardrobe has fallen off your body in threads. In the meantime, you and your child have lots of quality time to get closer to each other, one furlough day at a time.

Comments from readers

"hah, almost funny if it weren't so scary...I, along with several other families, had to pull my kids out of a school where they were running the mom logged 60 (yes, sixty!) volunteer hours in one week! They roamed the school like a pack of wolves, knew all the gossip about the kids and their parents, and they dictated who did what and when! "
"My grandson's fifth grade teacher has specifically asked parents NOT to help the child with homework. Thank heaven!"