Little school of Halloween horrors

Oh yes, school is getting more terrifying by the day. Seven reasons for modern parents to be afraid, very afraid.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Grade school parasites

The dreaded notice comes home as regularly as the monthly school newsletter: "There has been a case of lice in your child’s classroom." For certain parents — say, those with hair-coveting girls — the letter provokes a Munchian scream. Phone calls to fellow parents — once friends, now suspects — verge on interrogations: "Why was Violet out yesterday? Was she sick?" "Is it true that Isabella got a buzz cut?"

Who can be trusted? Nobody. Not even you, as you notice your daughter clawing at her scalp like a rabid dog. Remember how you were ostracized the last time word got out about the colony of blood-sipping fly babies on her head that spread to her entire karate class? No one must know the truth!

Comments from readers

"hah, almost funny if it weren't so scary...I, along with several other families, had to pull my kids out of a school where they were running the mom logged 60 (yes, sixty!) volunteer hours in one week! They roamed the school like a pack of wolves, knew all the gossip about the kids and their parents, and they dictated who did what and when! "
"My grandson's fifth grade teacher has specifically asked parents NOT to help the child with homework. Thank heaven!"