Little school of Halloween horrors

Oh yes, school is getting more terrifying by the day. Seven reasons for modern parents to be afraid, very afraid.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Revolting repast

We have two spine-chilling words for you: Salisbury steak. Maybe you thought you’d never have to think about that gravied mass of edible profanity again. But then you read the school lunch menu. Yes, it’s still out there, and it's headed toward your child’s mouth — or, more likely, the trash can.

Forget about Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution or Alice Waters’s Edible Schoolyard. Forget that the First Lady has been digging up weeds in the White House organic vegetable garden to bring fresh carrots to children in need. Despite these calls for change, the school cafeteria can still be a harrowing place.

Need proof? Check out Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project, a blog chronicling a teacher's gross ‘n’ greasy adventures eating school lunches every day for a year. Hot dog with fries day 129, pizza day 57, and — brace yourself — Salisbury steak with (frozen) pineapple chunks day 10.

Photo credit: "Mrs. Q"/Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project

Comments from readers

"hah, almost funny if it weren't so scary...I, along with several other families, had to pull my kids out of a school where they were running the mom logged 60 (yes, sixty!) volunteer hours in one week! They roamed the school like a pack of wolves, knew all the gossip about the kids and their parents, and they dictated who did what and when! "
"My grandson's fifth grade teacher has specifically asked parents NOT to help the child with homework. Thank heaven!"