How to Assess a School

Most important grade of all

Stuck in the middle of elementary school, third grade is easily overlooked — but it’s far more crucial academically than you might think. More »

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Defining Your Ideal School

ABCs of picking a preschool

Thinking of sending your wee one to school? Here's where to start.

How to assess a school

What to look for, what to ask

There's no substitute for seeing the schools on your list, seeing teachers in action and asking key questions.

Standards and Testing

Are we making the grade?

Newly released international TIMMS test scores reveal where U.S. students rank globally.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing a school: Have a Plan B!

If your child didn't get into that must-have school on the first go round, here are a few plan B tips.

Defining Your Ideal School

How important is class size?

Parents and teachers talk about class size a lot. Here's why it's important to consider.

Defining Your Ideal School

How important is school size?

Big or small — which is better? It all depends on your individual child.

Find a School

Making a district work for you

Insider tips from a parent advocate that'll help you navigate confusing waters.

Defining Your Ideal School

Searching for security

How do you know if a school is safe? Pretty paint jobs won't tell you, but these six steps can help you find out.

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