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Relocating back to Boise w/ my son & daughter. My son (9) has a mild form of autism. Best schools?


Steefhall1962 June 18, 2009

My son has already qualified for Katie Beckett. In Maryland, there's schools within schools for children w/ autism and other disabilities where they "mainstream" for part of the day outside their special classes. Really trying to find the best fit. Obviously, I have to find a school before a house so it is paramount right now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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healthy11 June 18, 2009

Hi. Unfortunately, Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and the chance of finding another family from the same city with a child of similar age and with a similar diagnosis is slim....I have a son with different special ed needs, and I recommend that you try to contact a local parent support group in the area you plan to move to...perhaps or and network through those families to find out the best schools and other resources in your new community.
For general questions, you might also like to join Greatschools Autism/Asperger's Group at


teach4kids July 10, 2009

My boyfriend and I had his son(now entering the 6th grade) in Longfellow Elementary which is located in the Northend for three years and it was fabulous. He was diagnosed as having high functioning asperger's syndrome as well as some anger/emotional issues from his earlier years with his mom and with a lot of work on our part and the schools he has come a very long way :) It's a small neighborhood school with a wonderful principal, special ed. teacher, counselor and regular ed. staff that did wonders with my boyfriend's son. Unfortunately, we are living outside the boundaries right now and space does not allow for him to attend this year or he would be!! Best of luck!

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