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Diverse school in SE Boise that doesn't tolerate bullying?


Fiya15 May 23, 2011

My daughter has been at Liberty from Kindergarten and is now in the fourth She was bullied in the first and third grades. Now she tells me at the end of the year she is sick of this school and wants to start over somewhere else. Where is close to Southeast Boise that does not accept that kind of behavior and has some racial diversity in the school?

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teach4kids August 30, 2011

Sage International School on Park Center. They are a public charter school and you would have to transport you daughter there yourself but it sounds like what you are looking for. Small, diverse school with a very friendly atmosphere. :-)


Chance2 September 20, 2011

Also, Washington Elementary on 15th Street has a staff that truly means that they don't tolerate bullying and harrassment. Adams Elementary assured me that other schools in the area were going to have even worse bullying and harrassment problems than Adams. They are wrong!
The playground duty and staff at Washington are couragous enough to address the bullies and call them on their unacceptable behaviors and then stand behind their decisions when the principal speaks with the bullying parents. Bullies actually get suspended from school, not that weak in-house detention that doesn't impact the parents of the bullies in any way. Adams oppresses the victims because they know that is the path of least resistance for their staff. Adams has notoriously avoided getting a handle on bullying for many long years. They speak the right words but don't follow with right actions.


SHS_Parent November 24, 2011

Sacred Heart School (Boise Bench - Latah and Cassia) offers a caring, Christian environment that is supportive of all it's students and does not tolerate bullying. It has excellent academics, many extra curricula activities, small class sizes (12-24 per grade), a reasonably diverse student body, and it is surprisingly affordable. Call up Principal Brock to discuss if they are a good fit for your child / children. He's always happy to take you through the school, an show you what a great gem we have hidden away on the Bench.

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