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Lowell Scott middle


Jennifernordby April 30, 2012

Are there any parents that would tell me what they think of Lowell Scott middle school?

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radiochick May 31, 2012

Hi Jennifer,

I've read the reviews here... Lowell Scott concerns me... Here are a few reasons.

First, the elementary feeder schools are ranked very low. In fact, some of them are required to offer transportation to other schools if parents choose- because their performance is so low.

Second, the % of students who have reduced/free lunch is very high for the area. It's said to say, but this is usually an indicator of behavioral problems and poor parent involvement.

Third, I had my son enrolled in Lowell Scott for ONE DAY and chickened out...

HOWEVER: None of the middle schools in the Meridian school district rank very well... and yet nearly all of the High Schools DO rank well. That makes me think there's a lot of flux in 6-8 grades.... that must get ironed out?

We are still debating whether to MOVE so that our son can attend a different school. Right now he is in a charter program that isn't a good fit for him, but we are more comfortable with him there than at Lowell. For now.


MagnetMom May 14, 2012

Hi Jennifernordby,

There are 17 reviews for Lowell right here:

Hope this helps!

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