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What date does a child have to turn 5 to go to school in Chicago?


loverly89 January 18, 2010

We are moving to Chicago in the summer and i want my daughter to go to Canty, but im not sure if she can until shes 6, her birthday is 11/22.

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healthy11 January 18, 2010

Hi. I'm in the Chicagoland area, but it's a HUGE city, and I've never heard of Canty. Is it a public or private school?
Most public schools in IL use a Sept.1st birthday cutoff date, but private schools may not be as rigid. I have heard of parents who sometimes send their children to private schools for K & 1, then transfer into public, with their kids entering 2nd. (Usually, if a child has successfully completed 1st grade, they don't force them back.)


loverly89 January 19, 2010

Its a public school. And thank you.


chicagoG October 22, 2010

A child must be 5 years old by Sept.1 to start Kindergarten in Chicago.

My child's friend turned 5 on Sept 4 and had to wait a whole year to start.

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