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How do I transfer a student to a different district school?


frhoney1 January 28, 2009

How would I go about transferring my child from a school that is not doing very well academically, and the administration is constantly changing from one year to the next?

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healthy11 January 28, 2009

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any school districts that allow transfers based on dissatisfaction with their administration changes. Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and we obviously don't know which specific school you're talking about, but sometimes a low performing school that fails to meet AYP (annual yearly progress) on NCLB (no child left behind) testing and Title 1 schools do give parents an option of attending other facilities. You might check the state's Board of Education website to see if your child's school is identified as one of those. You could also just call your school district's main office, and ask under what conditions they might allow a transfer.


mommyrulz February 16, 2009

To transfer your child just either go to the Illinois State Board of Education Website, and check out that topic, or call first and then go to the Suburban Superintendent's District Office in Westchester, IL and ask questions, in a nice way only, or you will get absolutely nowhere. Bellwood is now undergoing changes constantly with it's administration and Board. I've never seen anything like it. It doesn't mean it is bad, but improvements, although slow, are being made. Many other surrounding suburbs are making AYP and constantly performing very well, so moving may be the only thing that either of us can do. Smart children do well anywhere, but certainly, check out other neighborhoods.


mommyrulz February 24, 2009

Yes, that is absolutely correct, you can send your child to another school in the district, if there is one, which there isn't. That is if the school doesn't make AYP.

My answer is still correct, and Bellwood is really screwed up both academically and it's administration too! I won't hide that fact like everyone else does, so no doubt going to another school there makes no sense, because all of those schools are not up to speed yet, and I have first hand knowledge of that. That may be why NCLB needs to be changed! Sure you can change schools, but you cannot cure the problem that way, by building a new school with the same problems, or sending your child to another school in a failing district.? I'm a teacher too. I get it.

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