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Preschool recommendations in or around Elmhurst, IL!!


mbormann April 11, 2008

I'm looking for academic based preschool in or around Elmhurst for my potty trained 3 yr old & 4 yr old. They need full time and I don't like schools like Kindercare or the like. I would like have them in a program where they can learn more than play or play while learning. Teachers that are degreed or have training are a must! HELP!!!!!

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healthy11 April 12, 2008

My sister lives in Elmhurst, and gives me her old phone books for reference...Have you looked at any of the Montessori schools in the area? For example, I saw one called "Montessori Children's Academy Child Care Center" in Villa Park, which is the next suburb over....


mbormann April 14, 2008

I have been googling and calling schools that I recall when I lived there a year ago. Since we are moving back it is a different ballgame because we always had a nanny for the kids when we lived there before. I have actually toured that school (MCACC) but wanted to know if anybody has had experience with it or others. Schools always (most often)look ideal and then after enrollment the beans spill out. I was hoping to avoid that if possible. While in TN my kids have changed schools and we finally rested on one that we love. My older only has 1 year left until K but my younger will have 2 so I was hoping to maximize their time for the money. I heard about Delphi Academy but I also heard about it's links to Scientology which scares me. I refuse to send them to Kindercare or anything like it. Creme in Westmont is wonderful (I toured it 4 years ago when Z was first born before going with a nanny). It is so expensive! Elmhurst Academy I have heard nightmare stories about the director. What about Chesterbrook Academy? IS that along the sames lines as a Kindercare? I haven't seen it and nobody I know has ever heard of it. I am just scrambling and so stressed out about finding quality academic based preschools! HELP.... ANYONE??!!


kburme17 December 15, 2009

Immanuel Lutheran has just what you are looking for! It has full day preschool for 3 and 4 year olds that runs from 8-3 everyday or just 3 days a week (your pick). They have extended care options, a hot lunch and snacks all included in the cost. If full day is not what you need, they have a variety of part time programs available too. The best part of the program is that this school is a Christian school and has K-8 too so your children can have a lot of consistency throughout the years. I went there myself and am sending my daughter there too!


LaurenT January 30, 2010

My son graduated from KG at Elmhurst Academy last year and was enrolled there since birth. Elmhurst Academy is a Reggio Emilia inspired school and would recommend to anyone looking for an early childhood school. Their curriculum is phenomenal and he was exposed to so much before he entered first grade! I was impressed with their foreign language studies of French and Spanish, the character education, nature education and so much more!. The teachers and directors are wonderful. I have been to many schools and this one is the absolute best.

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