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Drum lessons for a five year old


jaredsmom April 28, 2008

I have a five year old you carries his drum sticks everywhere we go. Does anyone know a place in the south suburbs or even chicago who would teach him how to play?

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healthy11 April 28, 2008

Hi. I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, although I now live in the NW 'burbs. I realize this isn't the name of a specific store, but have you checked the yellow pages for "Music Instruction?" I have an old phone book from 2004, and it listed places like and others...If one instructor doesn't teach a particular instrument, like drums, just ask if they can recommend someone who does....Most musicians network together...


jaredsmom April 29, 2008

Thank you so much. He has really been interested in playing the drums since he was three but I could not find anyone who would work with him.


rbohus November 11, 2008

The Old Town School of Music in Chicago offers classes for children and some are on percussion instruments. They have two locations one in Lincoln Park on Armatage and the other in Lincoln Square on North Lincoln Ave.


Nana_1 November 19, 2008

I don't know where you live but a co-worker of mine had her son taking lessons on the south side of Chicago and he is playing the drums in her church. So it is a good form of discipline for him which would not be hard because he loves playing.


PapaDave December 4, 2008

Hi JaredsMom,

My brother is in Chicago and I pinged him - all of his kids play music. He uses a lessons company called TakeLessons ( They are a national company and certify all their instructors. Very professional. Hope this helps.


easterbunny222 June 8, 2009

Hey , the Old town School of folk Music is a great resource. They have great drumming teachers and the Lincoln Square neighborhood is great to explore with a 5 year old.My daughter took music lessons there and now she plays in her school band(flute) Good Luck

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