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We are relocating and looking for the best school district.


Anonymous May 9, 2008

My fiance and I are moving to the northwest chicago area and are leaning towards Palatine. We do not have kids yet but would like to already be in the best overall school district when we do. I'm not used to sorting through school reviews and would appreciate any advice.

Thank you!!

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healthy11 May 9, 2008

It's sheer coincidence that I opened your discussion, because I live in Palatine. It's all District 15, and overall District 15 students rate very well on statewide testing. Having said that, there are variations from school to school within the District. Some schools, particularly on the NE side of town, have a higher number of apartments within their boundary zones, and you do see the schools with more transient and bilingual populations, having somewhat lower test scores.
Unfortunately for some people who start off buying or building a home in "a perfect school area," things do change. The home you buy now could be "rezoned" into a different school by the time your kids get there (which may or may not be a good thing.) You might end up having an unexpected job change that causes you to move between now and then. I know that the administration can influence the overall tone/attitude of the teaching staff, as well as the students at any school. If you get a new principal at the school, who is responsible for hiring new instructors, or using a different curriculum, you're apt to see changes. My point is, there are no guarantees. But overall, most people find Palatine to be a desirable community in which to live.


ireland137 May 11, 2008

Thank you for the response, it was very helpful and very appreciated. I've lived in southern Indiana my whole life and this will be my first move anywhere. When asked what we were looking for in a community I literally stammered out an "I hadn't thought about it" I'm a little nervous (obviously) and the only thing I could think of was good community theater because my fiance and I are involved with the theatre here as a hobby and a good school district because we want to start a family in the not too distant future. I didn't know where to get info about the schools or that Palatine was District 15. This site has been helpful and so has your advice. Thank you very much!



3crazieboys March 14, 2009

Hi, just wondering if you have moved yet and where did you end up to find out how the schools around u are. I'm from MI and we might be moving to Schaumburg in the summer.


breiteliza May 11, 2009

Vernon Hills IL is not so close to Palitine IL but Hawthorn district 73 is great you should check out there are a lot of nice houses right by the school.

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