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I'm a farely new Chicago mom.


geverriba14 May 11, 2011

I was wondering how do I get into other neighborhood schools around Chicago? Someone mentioned a lotto for each school. When do they hold these lottery drawings? Thanks in advance! My daughter is going to be 5 in June

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lucarmi May 19, 2011

Hi, it depends on what type of school if its a charter school it by the lottery system must pull down application on intended school fill it out fax it over and basically play the wait game. I know the applications are on the schools website now. I just filled out one for my soon to be 3 rd grader. Hope this helps, i hear they usually tell parent sometimes weeks before the new school start and sometime after the school session is in.


gavotte66 May 24, 2011

Actually in Chicago Public Schools online website you will find that there are clear guidance on the enrollment process for those "lottery" schools. (Academic Enhancement)

You need to navigate the website to find more information; I just did it for my 6th grader to get enrolled to one of those special schools which only accept kids through general lottery. Parents have to fill up the form to select up to 20 of those schools by December 17, 2010 (for this year) and we received the list of waiting from CPS for the decision in March (school year 2011-2012). We waited for the list to be updated since April 1 (it was the deadline for students who got accepted by lottery to reply for acceptance or not) then I got the phone call from one of the schools on my list which we happily accepted the spot and enrolled the kid immediately (the due date was May 31 when I was notified on May 11).

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