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Need help deciding on a new school--Catholic vs Public--in Naperville area or Hinsdale


katalina942 May 25, 2011

Hello! We will be relocating this summer due to a job change, and will be looking at suburbs that stretch as far west as Naperville, and as far east as Hinsdale. I have a 5th grader with mild ADD, and would like to know if anyone can personally recommend an elementary school, public or private, that actually cares about my childs progress, while also discouraging bullying? ( I know it happens everywhere; however it was a real problem that was ignored at our last Catholic school. ) I know both these topics are very personal and often confidential, but I don't know anyone out in those areas to get the straight scoop from. I hear that the public schools often have extra help, but I'm fearful at a large school she will get lost in the shuffle. The Catholic schools, while smaller class sizes and more intimate,(that we've experienced) don't offer much help in extra tutoring or discipline bullying for that matter. Please advise, good or bad, if there's a school in particular I should research or avoid altogether? Thanks so much!!

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