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My daughter is 14 years, was born in Chicago, has got all the documents (U.S. passport and social security). She lives in Rus...


VitALL February 19, 2012

Chicago High Schools

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jbiskup March 7, 2012

Admission to the selective enrollment schools is done by testing.
There are a few options but getting into these schools is getting harder every year. If your daughter has had straight A's the last couple of years here are a few schools you can try to get into.
Northside College Prep(my daughter goes here but I do not reccommend it.) although some parents love it.
Water Payton College Prep
LaneTech High School (my son will go here in the fall) All the kids I have talked to love this school. I can't say that with my daughters school.
Whitney Young HIgh School
Jones College Prep.
Von Stuben.(scholars program)
If your daughter is an average student you can try Northtown Academy.
All of these are public schools.

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