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moving to Chicago middle schools


ergalla April 9, 2012

I may be moving to Chicago as a foreign diplomat and have two girls who are completing grade 6 in Canada. I am looking for a good MY school with an international approach which also focuses on academic achievements. Any reccomendations? Thanks

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themag62 April 9, 2012

There a few Chicago public schools that are IB primary years program, for that international perspective you want.. Pierce school on the NE side, Wildwood on the NW side, and Ogden Int'l near city center. Your daughters could attend these schools by living in the neighborhood boundary for each school or by applying through lottery. Lottery is over for Fall 2012. Other options are "Academic Centers" which are programs for advanced 7 &8th graders at 3 city HSs Whitney Young (HS of Michelle Obama), Lane, and Taft. is a website with info on CPS basics. If you will be moving here soon, it will be best to move into a neighborhood of one of the IB neighborhood schools. Private schools are a whole other story, I'm assuming you're looking for public.


siguisigui April 11, 2012

Welcome to Chicago. As the previous respondant said, there are many goog public schools in Chicago. As a diplomat, I believe you may be able to afford living in Lincoln Park. Abraham Lincoln school is a great public school with the option for IB( International Bacalaureat) program at the 6th grade level which, if the girls get into it will continue to Lincoln Park High School IB. The requirement to attent Abraham Lincoln School is to live in Lincoln Park. Both schools have French programs if parents desire (with special requirements). Google CPS (Chicago Public Schools) for info about more schools and schools report cards.


George39 April 15, 2012

Your best option is Lycee Francais de Chicago. private school.

If you cannot afford the tuition, you have to live in the neighborhood of the few great public schools in Chicago. Most great elementary schools are either gifted (need to pass test to go) or magnet schools such as Franklin, Jackson, Lasalle Language Academy (Need to win lottery with application one year prior ). Moving near Bell or Blaine schools is then your best option.


louise22 April 24, 2012

Consider The British School. It's an excellent private school, and has the IB program.


erbabcock May 6, 2012

Hi, Chicago is a wonderful city! I hope the move goes thru for you. I just wanted to add to the post regarding Lincoln Elementary. It's a French Immersion school, so there are quite a few students who's main language is french. If you're living in a french speaking area of Canada, this could work out beautifully for our 6th daughters. French is not an optional program,. All of the students take french.

If you need help finding a home, I'm a Realtor.


schoolsparrow May 18, 2012

Definitely move in the boundaries of a good school in Chicago. This way, if the lottery does not work then you know you have a great back up, not to mention you will protect the value of your home (if you plan to buy) by living in a good neighborhood school district. This site is the only site I am aware of that does real estate searches by neighborhood school boundaries in Chicago:

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