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peanut free public schools


ivyamelia August 4, 2012

Help! Does anyone know of a peanut/nut free public elementary school in the Chicago suburbs..

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MagnetMom August 5, 2012

I tried Googling "Peanut allergy Chicago Support Group" and got a few leads. Start that way.

It's rare that a public school will be completely nut free. They may encourage children not to bring nuts, but then again, the school district might be the one serving PB&J sandwiches.

Find like minded parents in the area and ask for their ideas, and my guess is you'll need to go with a charter or private school--where they can make their own rules.

Good luck.


tenea1 August 6, 2012

CICS Loomis campus (k-2) and Longwood campus 3-8. They are Charter Schools on 95th Southside of Chicago. They both are Completely nut free zone.

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