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Parent Involvement


assisttax December 1, 2009

We have a student population of 600+ students yet very few parents get involved - If we get 12 parents at a PTO meeting it would be a record attendance - what can we do to motivate involvement???

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paigekelso May 6, 2011

We are strujggling with this too. I don't have an answer other than to try to meet families where they are at. For example, offering ways they can be involved with very little time or effort and then see if you can grow their engagement. Great in theory but , to be honest, it isn't going so hot at our school yet. That's such a tough thing.


mflower25 May 30, 2011

We also have the same problem at our school. I say get each class do something at the meetings. Sing, dance something and that way the parents will be more likely to come b/c their child is doing something. One parent said after the volunteer of the year was announced that she wouldnt volunteer b/c thats the teachers job. ??? I thought they would want the teacher to teach their kid.


vanel48 July 23, 2012

You are not alone. I volunteer everyday at my daughters school,at the first PTF meeting of the year we have standing room only, we always provide food like delivered pizza or grilled hot dogs, the second PTF meeting we have maybe 15 parents till at the end of the year we have maybe three to five. Our school has a merit store,at the end of each quarter students who's parents have volunteered or sent in supplies, have there times tallied up and there child gets to shop in the store for very nice gifts . I have seen the sad looks and hurt feelings from the students who's parents don't volunteer.
Requesting for parent participation does not work ,I think it should be mandatory for parents to give at least three hours a month,we just need to let parent's know they don't have to be teacher smart, or a wiz in any subject to volunteer.

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