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I can't believe the schools here only have ONE recess!


russelladele October 15, 2011

We recently moved from UT to TX. In UT the elementary schools had 3 recesses for full day students, two 15 min & one 30 min @ lunch. Here in TX students have ONE 15 min recess.

A job is legally required to give more breaks than that! These students are a young as 3 for PK.

I can't believe teachers aren't fighting this. I can't imagine attempting to teach students who have such limited breaks to burn off their energy.

As a Mom I couldn't survive a day like that.

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MagnetMom October 15, 2011

Hi russelladele,

Have you had back to school night yet? Or scheduled a parent-teacher conference? My child's school in California has one 30-min recess in the morning and a lunch period that is 45 minutes to allow for lunch and play time.

I'm betting that even within classtime, there are transitions. I've sat in classrooms when my daughter was younger, and it wasn't strictly worksheet, book, study, study. There were interactive activities and fun activities--including music, stories, etc.

If you have concerns about your children, schedule parent-teacher conferences to see how they're adapting, and then join your school site council to help develop time that benefits both class time and play time.

Good luck!


pamb456 October 30, 2011

I agree, once you're used to several recesses a day, it seems odd to go back to only one!

We recently moved from CA to MN. Our CA school offerred recess in the morning before school (if you got there in time) a 'snack/recess' and the regular lunch/recess. We also had a yearly Walk challenge, and occassionally teachers would let their class walk an extra 15 minutes during the day to get their laps up. PE was once a week.

Our MN school has one lunch/recess a day, and PE twice a week.

So far, my 8 year old and 10 year old haven't had a problem, and they haven't commented on it. When Winter comes it may be that much harder to go outside, but I'm sure the school has a plan.


Tufftiff October 30, 2011

We moved to TX from AZ and it came as a shock to me that there is no lunch recess. And now that my son has moved up a grade, his recess isn't until the last 20 mins of the day! They have an akward schedule for PE, so some weeks they have it twice, sometimes once.

I'm disappointed that they do not have more time outside to burn off energy. Especially now with child obesity rates, you'd think there would be more emphasis on regular exercise in schools. I'd bet they would also see less behavioral issues, especially in boys!


wolfwatcher15 October 31, 2011

I wish it was illegal. Feel lucky. I moved out to the East coast (nj) from California and was in shock. We have the highest obesity rates in the country and our schools get this have NO recess. Just gym two times a week. This is for all grades. Its really sad as my daughter is full of energy and really needs to run. Lucky she is in a lot of sports, but I think its ridiculous. Ive discussed with many people and teachers. Sad fact is the teachers dont want to stay an extra 15 min a day to give the kids time to run, nor do the school districts have the budgets. Sad sad days.


jevery October 31, 2011

I grew up in TX, and we had an outdoor (usually) PE class, an extended lunch time so you could go out and have recess when you were done eating, and a regular recess. I quite liked it because each play time was in a different location around the school, and I never felt cooped up. But only one of those times was called "recess." Talk to your child's teacher and find out if they have a situation like this.


lindaflo November 7, 2011

We moved from California to TX. My son has NO recess at all. My son's has little or no phisical activity, This is a concerning me, What is the routine?

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