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Private schools should be ranked


kssim123 March 19, 2012

private schools here should be ranked accordingly as compared with the rest of the private schools...there should be a set of criterias that will differentiates the better ones with the rest....

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MagnetMom March 20, 2012

Hi kssim123,

That's a great suggestion. Unfortunately, unlike public schools, private schools do not have to share data. They don't even have to take specific tests each year. So rating them across the board would be a challenge.

What criteria would you use to compare different schools with different curriculum using different tests?


kssim123 October 28, 2012

All private schools should adhere to the california state test or perhaps should be in line with the public schools tests structure... As long as there is a standard exam type of structure, public and public schools use such test to gauge themselves. Else how will the private schools know that they are maximizing the potential of each studen coming into their schools...

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