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uniform verses non uniform in public schools


MeeshaLin July 29, 2012

I'd like to know how parents and school faculty feel about uniforms in public schools. My son is 9 years old and going into the fourth grade next month. Its a public school, uniforms were required until the last three days of school I received a notice that the following year (next month) the scchool will no longer be uniform. I'm not happy about the decision. I have several reasons why I think it's a big mistake to change to non-uniform ut I'd like to first hear what all of you think. The pros and cons. Thank you.

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beachbabe4vr July 30, 2012

Hi! My daughter's public school switched to uniforms when she started in Kindergarten (she's now a 5th grader) and I am 100% for uniforms. As you said, there are a number of reasons to keep uniforms. The main reason I hear from teachers is that they no longer have to deal with clothing issues - skirts too short, inappropriate/offensive language on t-shirts, everyone is on the same level (no "keeping up with the Joneses"), etc. Students can focus more on learning then what they and their friends are wearing. I work at a "uniform" high school and believe me - some of the clothes the kids wear on free dress days, you would find on a street-walker or a gang member. Extremely inappropriate but their parents let them wear them. I would address your concerns with other parents and discuss them with the school administration. There are valid reasons to keeping uniforms in school. Good luck!


MagnetMom July 30, 2012

Hi MeeshaLin,

There are always two sides to the story. My daughter attended a non-uniform elementary, and we chose that option for middle school as well. Certainly some kids dress inappropriately, and that needs to be handled--both at non-uniform schools and schools with uniforms on their 'free dress' days.

My issues start with cost. I don't have any interest in purchasing a second wardrobe for a kid when I dress her appropriately. When my son was in school he wore button down shirts and jeans every day during high school. They were nicer than the polo shirts required by most uniform schools.

Secondly, I don't like my kids identifiable in public. Schools with uniforms are identifiable at the grocery store, the park, and other places. I prefer to keep where my kids go to school to myself in public. In addition, some kids will refuse to go out in their uniforms, which means you have to head home before running errands.

Often uniforms are supposedly equalizers, because they're all wearing the same thing, so no one can dress nicer than other kids. That's great, except even the youngest kids can tell the difference between uniforms at Walmart and uniforms purchased at the Gap.

But none of that really matters--because I've chosen schools that respect my wishes. Did they tell you why they changed? Were there meetings to discuss it? If you can find parents at your school that still prefer the uniform, I'd really encourage you to get them together and ask for a meeting with the school.

I'd be upset if I showed up one day and they changed to a uniform policy so I can understand why you're upset they eliminated the policy without your knowledge or input.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.


saywhat August 13, 2012

If parents cannot. Control how their kids are dressed.Shame on them. Who bought them clothes that makes them look like street walkers or hoodlums???. If a high school kid dresses like that Send them home. Hello parents fault So sorry you will be late for work. Come pick up your child. Its a little. Thing called enforcing. The rules When I went to school.we didn't. Have the problems schools had today. Respect. Goes a long give you get.very simple. Plus I believe in bringing the paddle back.. It really worked. When I was in school.Schools concerns are placed. In the wrong place. I am all for Non Uniform. Most folks can't buy theCubair children clothes and now you want to place birding on them to buy uniforms. Last time I checked this was still a free country. And with freedom. Of choice. We are not in cuba


Jason2002 August 13, 2012

Hi, I'm agree with u. I will not feel happy if my son:s school will not longer used uniform. I think that when kids use uniform feel more proud and interesting in education. Its a big mistake to take off uniforms in public schools. Good luck!


anaahs August 15, 2012

Sorry, MagnetMom. It looks like you are ASHAMED if the school enforced uniforms. "I don't like my kids identifiable in public." REALLY??? It is NOT about YOU and how YOU look to the public. Wowwwww!!

I have three sons in each level of school. I really wish my high school son had to wear uniforms, or at least a certain color top/bottom, etc. The competition is fierce. The kids are judged deeply by the style/ brand/ newness of their clothes and shoes. A boy will GET CLOWNED for an entire year if he came to school, for instance, with OLD JORDANS or even now, OLD LEBRONS tennis shoes. By the way, there are NEW Jordans every three weeks, and the kids know which are newer. In addition, the girls (whose mothers surely are out of the house by the time the bus comes) arrive in 7" stilettos trying to catch a guy's eye when they can't even walk straight. Ladies, please teach your girls to love themselves and not look as it they are being pimped in school. It is clearly Mom's job to correct this problem. Otherwise, I am totally in favor of some sort of uniform policy.


MagnetMom August 16, 2012

Hi anaahs,

Not ashamed. In this day and age, I don't want strangers to know where my children attend. You can never be too careful about how much information people can find out, and making kids identifiable in public is a bad idea, in my opinion.

I also think that the idea of equalizers is ridiculous since they can regulate the shirts and pants, but as you've totally pointed out, the kids show up in shoes that can cost as much as a car payment.

As a parent, it's MY job to teach my children values, and not shelter them from the realities that there are always going to be richer and poorer folks than us. We simply need to make them feel comfortable with who they are--not what shoe or how much jewelry they wear.

Interesting debate. I love hearing the different opinions.


HBMommy August 25, 2012

My boys have gone to both uniform and non-uniform schools... In my opinion, uniforms should be required at all schools. I was once against it but I now understand why so many schools are now requiring it. It not only makes it very easy to get dressed in the morning, but it also forces children to see beyond the clothing. Even children with different interests seem to come together. At non-uniform schools there is a constant pressure to wear right things, especially in the older grades. A lot of parents will argue that that is a normal, but it doesn't make it ok and that pressure should be separate from school. School is a place to learn about more important things. Uniforms give kids a since of pride and unity. May sound corny, but true! Some of our mot respected members of society wear uniforms all to show pride in what they do. Our children need to be proud of their schools and the work they are doing. Uniforms=Success

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