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Why the city does not recognize when a Principal is doing an excellent Job!


Jason2002 August 13, 2012

In these days when the public system in NYC is going through a lot of problems specially in a poor community, i want to ask somebody why when somebody is doing a great job in our community with our children can not be choose as an example for people do not know how to handle a public school. My son is in PS 171 Patrick Henry Preparatory School in Harlem. My son will be in 5th grade this year and hes reading level exceed the expectations. Mr. Pantelidis is simply a great Principal and a very dedicate person. He is 100% believer that everyone of our children is capable to learn. I can say without doubt that PS 171 is the best school in our district and in NY city. I'm calling the attention of the DOE chief and the mayor of NYC to recognize this person. Thank You!

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MagnetMom August 13, 2012

Hi Jason2002,

Have you contacted the local newspapers and television stations? You might also want to contact the Board of Education.

So many people complain about the state of education, that it's great to hear from someone who sees the good in what an employee does.

Good luck!

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