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Corporal punishment


Upset44 August 31, 2012

I don't think corporal punishment should be used in our school systems. If there are laws to protect animals and inmates from abuse, why do we not do more to protect our kids? Health issues such as obesity is discussed and alternate ways to help our kids eat healthy, but when it comes to schools whipping our kids with a wooden board, we are failing our kids!!! There are rules for what happens if a student hits a staff member, but what about the kids getting hit by an adult. I think it should be banned and illegal in all states. Before saying this is why kids are out of control, research shows that in schools using corporal punishment, the outcome is more negative than schools not using that form of discipline.

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TeacherParent September 24, 2012

I agree with you. I was shocked to discover that my state was one of the states where corporal punishment for children is still legal. I have not heard of it being done anymore in my state but that it remains legal here seems very backward to me.

I know though that in some states corporal punishment for students is considered a cultural perogative. In those states or mine, I wouldn't allow my child to be beaten for that's essentially what corporal punishment is - child beating. If there are parents who support this being done to their child in school, I'm not one of them and I'm glad that at least the practice of it has fallen from use in my state even if the laws allowing it still exist.


user5133147 October 5, 2013

Pretty simple really. Apparently the legal system considers children to be less than animals.

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